About Datingsite-Rate.com

The datingsite-rate.com team is comprised of a group of information professionals who enjoy identifying the best products
in the market and sharing this knowledge with consumers who want to make informed decisions about products that they
really need. The team is made up of techies, geeks and analysts who spend hours testing and screening a range of
products and services so that you don’t have to.

What we do:

The datingsite-rate.com team works hard to keep abreast of the latest product trends and consumer preferences.
Our primary goal is to provide you with meticulous product rankings of all the products and services that we love to
use. We enjoy creating comprehensive comparison tables based on our research so that consumers can see at a glance
which services offer the features they need. Believe it or not, we also enjoy writing informational articles about
subjects that interest us, and we hope that by passing on our knowledge we’ll help you make the best possible

Do we do it for free?

We do earn from our activity. We do get compensation from the companies for each reader who uses the links to their
websites that we place in our articles. Additionally, we do earn from the traffic (you can learn how the
monetization process looks and works on the web). So, literally, we get money for our activity, and it does
influence the ratings that we form here on datingsite-rate.com.

If you want to support us — please, use the links to datingsite sites that are in our reviews so we can continue
providing you with high-quality content for free.

How the reviews are created

As far as our informational portal main aim is to provide you with detailed reviews, you should know and understand
how these reviews are created. In short, our analytics, sociologists, and designers analyze the datingsite
platforms, ask the real people what they think about these platforms, and compare the websites with each other for
you to see the differences and similarities between all of them. We try to always renew the information that we
provide here, on datingsite-rate.com, and keep our readers up to date.

What we consider when reviewing the sites

We try to provide our readers with the top-quality content, and to achieve this goal, we need to analyze a lot of
features of datingsite sites — literally everything that may be interesting to an average user of a datingsite
platform, and what this user doesn’t consider as important but it actually should be taken into consideration.

The list of the criteria that we analyze includes the following:

How popular is the website we consider? We believe that the high popularity of a website is a good sign: the more
people use it, the better the services are.

However, the advertisement, bots, and plenty of other things may influence the online rates, and we try to
understand if a website is an actually popular place or it is just a great, yet senseless work of managers and bots
creators. Moreover, we pay attention to the time people spend on a platform, the average number of people online
every day, the behavior of users and their replies, and other features.

The real users’ feedback.
We believe that our opinion should be supported by the position of other users. We always provide our readers with
the feedback of the real users that we find on platforms like sitejabberdatingsite-rate.com,
instagramdatingsite-rate.com, googledatingsite-rate.com, and others. Our team tries to always remain unbiased, but
to make our opinion clear and honest, we should pay attention to what the other people say — if they operate logic
and provide arguments.

Our sociologists may ask the users of a site to answer some simple questions about the platform they use if there
are no reviews or they need more information to provide you with the pros and cons of a particular Datingsite site.

Taking into consideration the time an average user usually spends online (on a datingsite site), we suppose a
well-thought design with a proper color scheme to be an obligatory feature of any datingsite platform for it to be
called a “top” one. Moreover, our team of designers and developers believe that the technologies are developed
enough for any single site on the web to have the proper look and usability. A site should be mobile-optimized,
convenient to use, and generally attractive for potential users, and we share our opinion on each of these criteria
in our reviews.

The profiles should not only look attractive but be customizable enough for the users to show their unique
personalities in all the beauty. The more details a site allows to provide — the better, and the better these
details are shown and structured — the more an average visitor of a profile will see. Only a small percentage of
users will stay on an empty profile or try to read an awfully structured one — but everyone will be happy to see a
detailed and informative one that will tell pretty everything about its owner.

There is no perfect website, as well as nothing perfect in general. We suppose that an experienced Internet user is
likely to understand how to use any datingsite platform within a few minutes (and that there are not as experienced
people who demand some explanations), but there still may be problems with using a site. Thus, we should consider
the work, politeness, and the speed of replies of the support team.

Now you know who we are.
We hope that our team’s work will help you to save a lot of time taking the final decision and understanding the
work of dating sites at large.

Want to share your own experiences or feedback with us? We’d love to hear it!

Send us your comments to [email protected]. We look forward to helping you make additional purchase
decisions in the future.