Kyle Forgeard Net Worth: Unveiling His Financial Success

Kyle is a Canadian YouTuber and creator He’s mostly known as one of the finders of channel NELK(Youtube channel) This channel now has around 7.94 million followers and 1 467 966 153 video views. 

Here I will tell you a story about a guy who was following his own road to the dream and did it. In this title we will speak about his path and how he got so popular and rich.

Full nameKyle Forgeard
Birth dateJuly 12, 1994
Net worthfrom $1.5 million up to $5 millions

Kyle Forgeard Biography

Kyle was born in Mississauga, Canada, on July 12, 1994. He wanted to finish high school and enroll at Ryerson University and study cinema there. But as we know when we was just a student Kyle co-funded his well known youtube channel NELK.


Debut of His Channel

Kyle’s debut was when he uploaded his first video “McDonald’s Job Interview Prank” that was a real banger, video gearned over 1.7 million views (keep in mind that video was uploaded in 2013) 

The next banger that he uploaded was “Coke Prank on Cops” where they were pranking Police officers in Los Angeles, they told them that they have Coke in their cars and officers was so curious(they thought that was cocaine) and  checked their car and when they wound out that they have Coke(Coca-Cola) there Officers was in good mood and one of them said “ahh those guys are genius” and laugh with them. Right now this video has 49 million views. But in 2017 Kyle with Jesse Nelk was held by police in Toronto in september 2017, that was difficult for them. After they spent a month with lawsuits, they won.Jesse Sebastiani was found guilty of disorderly conduct by an Ohio court after being captured on camera filming the practical joke.

During the trial, the Judge paused Nelk’s video, mistaking it for a prank. Kyle previously uploaded skit comedy videos, but now he focuses on posting prank videos instead. His YouTube channel, Nelk, reached one million subscribers on January 2, 2018.

All the videos on his channel have garnered millions of views. Since gaining popularity as a YouTuber, Kyle has gained a significant following on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Furthermore, in October 2018, Nelk contributed to breast cancer research by donating proceeds from their merchandise sales.

Additionally, apart from collaborating with Full Send and Happy Dad, he has partnered with various fashion and sports brands as a social media advocate.

Kyle Forgeard on the TV Show

Kyle is now one of the famous guys in the U.S. and of course we will see him on the TV.  He is filming in TV shows like Nelk Boys or Kings of the Internet, but in particular he does his podcasts. The newest and the most popular video on his channel with Hasbulla, they brought him to the USA.

Development of Kyle Forgeard YouTube Channel and Commercial Successes

Lots of people are interested about Kyle Forgeard net worth, so let’s speak about how he makes money. I’m pretty sure that you will enjoy this article, so let’s start:  first of all he is making money from YouTube,business,acting and even as a producer  his approximate income in a year from $960.000 up to 1.114 million. 


The net worth of the Canadian Youtuber and co-founder of NELK, considering brand value and assets, amounts from $1.5 million to $5 millions. 

His monthly salary being around $85,000 and make from $15.000 up to $19.000 monthly from the NELK.

Yearly$960,000 — $1.14 million
Monthly$80,000 — $95,000
Earnings from YouTube$15,000 — $19,000
Net WorthFrom $1.5 million up to $5 millions

Sources of Income 

Kyle Forgeard’s primary source of income is believed to be YouTube. According to our research, he is not only the leader of the NELK group but also the owner of their YouTube channel.

To determine Kyle Forgeard’s net worth, we need to consider the earnings generated by the NELK channel through their videos. YouTube displays ads related to their content, and whenever viewers watch these ads, the channel receives payment.

Online sources report that the NELK channel has amassed over 1.2 billion video views and more than 7 million subscribers, with these numbers continuously increasing. Based on YouTube’s estimated revenue of $2.74 million for 1.2 billion video views, it is evident that a substantial amount of money has been earned.

In addition to YouTube, Kyle Forgeard has generated income from Fullsend merchandise. Utilizing their YouTube fame, creators often develop their own merchandise and sell it to their audience, which contributes to their overall revenue.

To calculate Kyle Forgeard’s net worth accurately, we need to consider the earnings from both YouTube and Fullsend merchandise. The NELK group has reportedly made close to $1 million annually from their merchandise sales.

Taking all these factors into account, we can now conclude by stating Kyle Forgeard’s net worth.

Investments and Entrepreneurship Kyle Forgeard

Kyle Forgeard’s participation in the NELK BOYS’ Full Send NFT stands out as one of his noteworthy endeavors in the cryptocurrency realm. The NELK BOYS, renowned for their daring stunts and pranks showcased on YouTube, made a collective decision to introduce their exclusive collection of non-fungible tokens. As a member of the group, Forgeard played a pivotal role in the development and promotion of the Full Send NFT.


The Full Send NFTs were made available through two separate releases, and the initial drop quickly sold out within minutes. These NFTs have achieved tremendous success, with certain pieces fetching prices in the thousands of dollars range. Consequently, Forgeard’s involvement in the Full Send NFT project is likely to have made a substantial contribution to his overall net worth.

Kyle Forgeard Charitable and Community Activities

Over the past few years, Kyle has demonstrated his commitment to charitable endeavors, engaging in notable acts of kindness. One remarkable instance involved his generous contribution of $100,000 to the California criminal case reward fund, demonstrating his dedication to promoting justice and community well-being. Additionally, Kyle’s compassion extended to a homeless individual whom he selflessly offered $25,000, employment opportunities, and the gift of a home, providing a transformative opportunity for a person in need.


In addition to these acts of individual generosity, the NELK Boys as a collective entity have consistently shown their support for important causes. They have made significant donations to organizations dedicated to raising awareness for breast cancer, showcasing their commitment to improving the lives of those affected by this pervasive disease. Furthermore, the NELK Boys have actively contributed to Covid-19 relief efforts, recognizing the global impact of the pandemic and striving to assist affected communities in navigating these challenging times. Through their philanthropic endeavors, both Kyle individually and the NELK Boys as a group have made a tangible difference, embodying the spirit of giving back to society.

Kyle Forgeard Evaluation of His Wealth

There are several key factors that contribute to Kyle Forgeard’s financial success. Firstly, his prominent role as a member of the NELK group and the success of their YouTube channel has significantly boosted his earnings. The channel’s immense popularity, with millions of subscribers and billions of video views, has opened up various avenues for monetization, such as ad revenue and brand collaborations.


Furthermore, Kyle’s entrepreneurial mindset and business acumen have played a crucial role in his financial achievements. By leveraging his online presence, he has successfully created and promoted his own merchandise through Fullsend, tapping into the power of e-commerce and capitalizing on his dedicated fan base.

Another factor that has contributed to Kyle’s financial success is his involvement in the crypto world. Through ventures like the Full Send NFT, he has capitalized on the growing popularity of non-fungible tokens, generating substantial income and expanding his financial portfolio.

Additionally, Kyle’s ability to connect with his audience on social media platforms, particularly Instagram, has helped him build a strong personal brand. This has attracted lucrative sponsorship deals and collaborations with various fashion and sports brands, further augmenting his financial success.

Lastly, Kyle’s charitable endeavors have not only made a positive impact on the lives of others but have also contributed to his financial standing. By engaging in acts of philanthropy and supporting charitable causes, he has enhanced his public image and fostered a loyal and supportive fan base, which in turn translates into increased opportunities for financial growth.

In conclusion, factors such as his YouTube success, entrepreneurial skills, involvement in the crypto world, social media presence, and philanthropic efforts have all played integral roles in shaping Kyle Forgeard’s financial success.


So let’s talk about his financial success, first of all Kyle Forgeard is kind of genius, he started a youtube career and grew up so hard, made his own business and doing good right now. He gave a lesson to everyone that if you will follow your path your dreams will come true, all you need to do is to work hard and believe in yourself.

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What are Kyle Forgeard Sources of income?

Kyle Forgeard has amassed his wealth by leveraging his video content on popular social media platforms, specifically YouTube and Instagram. Additionally, as a co-founder of Nelk Boys and the Full Send brand, he has successfully drawn in renowned personalities as guests and generated substantial revenue through merchandise sales.

In which areas has Kyle Forgeard allocated his financial investments?

Kyle Forgeard has utilized a portion of his accumulated wealth to make investments in real estate properties located in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Additionally, he has gained recognition as a passionate car enthusiast and possesses an impressive collection of luxury vehicles.

Does Kyle Forgeard do charity work?

Kyle did generous contribution of $100,000 to the California criminal case reward fund His compassionate act towards a homeless individual, offering $25,000, employment opportunities, and a home.

When did the first video on his channel come out and what was it about?

The first video on his channel was “ McDonalds Job interview PRANK” and there he tried to get a job in McDonalds.

Which of his videos got the most views and what was it about?

The most viewed video on his channel is  “Coke Prank on Cops” where they were pranking Police officers in Los Angeles, that video got more then 49 millions views and more then 800.000 likes.