How Did Liver King Make An $8 million Fortune From Dieting and Instagram?

Liver King, real name Johnny Dijak, has become one of the most visible and influential figures in the world of fitness and healthy living while gaining financial success on an impressive scale. The main driver of Liver King’s success has been his unwavering confidence in his own nutritional principles. Based on the ideas of paleodiet and a commitment to consuming nutrients from natural sources, Dijak has developed a unique lifestyle and nutrition that has not only transformed his own health but has also attracted many followers. This authenticity and personal experience became the foundation for building a successful brand.

The Instagram Influence


Social media, especially Instagram, has played a crucial role in establishing Liver King as a public figure and successful entrepreneur. His original content, which includes nutrition, workout, and lifestyle tips, quickly gained popularity due to his vibrant visual style and authentic presentation. Gradually gathering a huge audience, Liver King actively monetized his platform by selling nutrition programs, fitness accessories, and other products in line with his philosophy.

YouTube Monetization and Content Creation

Liver King has become one of the hottest and most controversial figures on YouTube and social media in 2022. With his outlandish persona that promotes ancestral living and extreme diet and fitness routines, he has amassed over 1 million followers across platforms. But how exactly is the Liver King monetizing his wild popularity?


The core of Liver King’s business is his YouTube channel. He posts vlogs and videos almost daily where he espouses his “primal living” philosophy, eats raw animal parts, and works out intensely. These graphic videos are enormous draws, with some getting millions of views. YouTube then places ads during and around the videos, earning Liver King a cut of the ad revenue. Considering his daily viewership numbers, this income likely amounts to thousands of dollars per day at least.

Liver King supplements this by selling merchandise, mainly through his website. He offers t-shirts, hats, and other apparel promoting his brand and his “ANCESTRAL LIVING” slogan. There are also supplements, raw organ pills, bone marrow powder, and other questionable health products tied to his philosophy. He promotes this merch constantly during his YouTube and social media content.

Finally, Liver King makes money through affiliate marketing and sponsorships. He has affiliated with supplement and nutrition brands, being sure to show their products during videos. The sales he generates earn him a commission. He also does plainly sponsored content, where brands pay him directly to promote and review items.

While Liver King’s schtick is outrageous, he demonstrates how to become a highly lucrative content creator and influencer. By building a distinctive persona, amassing huge viewership through controversy and spectacle, and leveraging that audience to sell merchandise, supplements, affiliate products, and sponsored content, he has created a mini-empire around his “primal living” platform. Love him or hate him, the Liver King shows how to monetize content creation in the modern digital landscape.

Crafting Wealth Through Programs

The Liver King has established himself as one of the most successful influencers on social media. But besides his YouTube revenue and supplement business, a key way he crafts his wealth is through fitness and lifestyle programs.


Liver King offers various online programs that promise to help followers achieve primal living success like his own. This includes the “Ancestral Athlete” program, which provides diet plans, training routines, mindset lessons, and more to embody the strength of “our primal ancestors.” There is also the “Wild Fitness” program that focuses on outdoor, animalistic training to unleash your inner primal beast.

These programs are classic funnels, offered at increasing price points. A free intro email course warms up potential buyers. This pushes them to purchase the main program for $300-500. Upsells include bonuses like personalized coaching, exclusive video lessons, or access to a private community for $1,000-2,000 more.

Liver King uses webinars and social media to market the programs, weaving inspirational stories around the need to live as primal hunter-gatherers. The sales pages make big promises of teaching “forgotten” secrets of ancient living and returning modern men to their “wolf state.”

For those who buy in, the programs deliver downloadable workout guides, diet plans, and video lessons hosted on sites like Teachable. Private Facebook groups provide discussion areas too. The materials promote more of his supplements as well, fueling that side business.

While the programs likely deliver value for serious followers, their biggest draw is the Liver King brand. By selling aspirational physical and mental transformation through the lens of “primal living,” he crafts a primal lifestyle guru persona that disciples will pay for. This expands his income while also strengthening his overall brand.

Clearly, the Liver King has mastered monetization on social media from all angles. And his primal-themed courses and memberships are a smart way to build his wealth by selling his controversial philosophy directly to fans. His ability to craft viral content, build an engaged audience, and convert them into high-paying customers is a case study for any aspiring influencer.

Brand Collaborations

The Liver King has become masterful at collaborating with brands to further expand his “primal living” empire. He has partnered with supplement companies like Heart & Soil to create his own line of organ supplement capsules. He’s also worked with the Thrive Market grocery delivery service to promote and curate his own primal-approved food kits.


Most recently, Liver King collaborated with the shoe brand Vivobarefoot. Together they created a line of “Primal Shoes” designed to be minimalist and maximize natural foot movement, aligning with his barefoot philosophy.
These collaborations allow the Liver King to reach new audiences and sample products for his followers. The brands gain from attaching to his primal persona and leveraging his social media marketing machine. It’s a win-win for building a business while also strengthening his personal brand as the authority on primal living. Expect to see the Liver King partner with even more brands as his popularity grows.


With his social media fame and multi-million dollar Liver King net worth, the Liver King has been able to make smart investments to grow his primal living empire even further. 


He has invested in several health and nutrition startups that align with his ancestral lifestyle brand. This includes companies making organ supplements, bone broths, grass-fed bison meat, and other superfoods. The Liver King not only invests money but also his social media reach, promoting these products to his legions of followers.

The Liver King also invested over $1 million into producing his own line of fitness apparel and gear, including primal workout shoes, shirts, and accessories. This merchandising has proven wildly popular with his audience, adding another revenue stream to his portfolio. 

Liver King’s net worth is estimated at around $8 million and growing rapidly, we can expect the Liver King to make even bolder investments as he expands his primal personal brand and influence. His business instincts are as sharp as his purported 10% body fat.

Own line of food products

Liver King’s age today is around 40 years old, and a fitness influencer known for his raw meat diet and Liver King height impressive 6’3″ muscular frame, has now launched his own line of primal-inspired food products.


The new line includes items like grass-fed bison jerky, free-range turkey sticks, wild-caught salmon bites, and even bone marrow butter. Liver King says these foods are inspired by our primal ancestors and contain only the most natural, nutrient-dense ingredients to fuel our inner caveman.

Being over 40 years old and maintaining his hulking physique, Liver King is walking proof that his primal diet and lifestyle work. Fans are excited to get their hands on these products to similarly embrace their primal side.

The food line is the latest addition to the Liver King’s growing ancestral living empire. It allows him to share his unique nutrition philosophy while also adding a new revenue stream. Expect more primal food innovations as the influencer expands his caveman-inspired wellness brand.

Liver King Family

Behind the outlandish social media persona of Liver King’s real name – Johnny Dijak, a husband and father.


While the Liver King character promotes a hyper-masculine, alpha male image, Liver King’s wife Barbara Dijak, and two young daughters that keep him grounded. He credits his family for supporting him on his primal living journey.

On social media, Liver King gives us loud videos of him eating raw liver and intense workouts, but away from the cameras, Johnny enjoys quality time with his wife and kids. They have a relatively normal family life, spending time outdoors, cooking, and playing, so we can see that Liver King’s family is really important to him 

Barbara sometimes makes appearances in Liver King’s content, ribbing him for his carnivore experiments. She brings a warmth and humor that balances Liver King’s intense persona.

Despite his fame, Johnny Dijak remains committed to protecting his family’s privacy. At the end of the day, the man behind the Liver King is simply a husband and father trying to promote health and happiness. His family keeps him human.

Conclusion about Liver King

In summary, Liver King has shown incredible savvy in monetizing his extreme carnivore persona across multiple platforms. He’s made millions from YouTube ad revenue, supplement sales, online programs, brand collaborations, and more. His outrageous character and shameless merchandising allow him to craft viral content and convert followers into paying customers.

While controversial, Liver King demonstrates content creation and influencer marketing at its most lucrative. He continues to expand his primal living empire through new products, programs, and investments. With his social media fame still rising, Liver King’s net worth and business ventures will likely grow even further. For better or worse, he represents success in the digital influencer age.

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How did Liver King build his online fame and fortune?

Through outrageously viral social media content, merchandise sales, online programs, sponsorships, and more.

What platforms does Liver King use to promote his brand?

YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, podcasts, his website – he leverages every major platform.

What is Liver King's diet and lifestyle philosophy?

Ancestral living” and eating only raw, organic meats and foods to tap into your inner primal human.

How does Liver King make money from his followers?

Selling supplements, apparel, training programs, and partnerships with aligned brands.

What does Liver King's success reveal about influencer marketing today?

That a wild, divisive persona can be massively profitable by converting social media fame into sales.