The search for new prospects is not only a potential growth but also a great responsibility, which implies the availability of the necessary knowledge and experience. In particular, when your company decides to scale or optimize the technology stack, it may need an expert who will lead it along this thorny path with minimal time and financial costs. At the same time, it is not necessary to hire an in-office employee who will work with your team at least 40 hours per week. Below we will talk about who can effectively cope with such a task.

When Do You Have an External CTO?

If you know the terminology of top positions in companies, you may understand that the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is most suitable for achieving the above goals. However, hiring a full-time specialist of this level can take a lot of time and be unreasonably expensive. So is there a need for an in-house expert, or an external CTO service can substitute them? Let’s find out in which cases this is an acceptable option.

Your company is just getting started

If you launch a startup or your company is in the early development stages, you and your colleagues may not have enough experience to build and lead a technology team. In turn, finding an external CTO for hire can help you to define the technology strategy, set up the technical infrastructure, and provide guidance on the development of new digital solutions.

Your personnel does not have enough tech expertise

Sometimes your in-house employees may lack the special knowledge or experience needed to solve new, non-standard technical problems. In this way, an external CTO with experience in your industry can fill existing gaps and expand the expertise of your staff.

You need an expert with strategic thinking

Your in-house employees may be good in their limited area of responsibility but cannot look at your company’s operations globally. Therefore, in such cases, you can resort to finding a CTO to align your roadmap with your business goals, evaluate your current systems, identify areas for improvement, and create a long-term plan to support your company’s growth.

You need an independent expertise

The question about how to get a fresh look at the company’s workflows often arises with the question: “How to find a CTO?”. Indeed, even outsourced experts can provide you with an end-to-end analysis of technological processes, identify bottlenecks, and offer innovative solutions that may not be obvious to your in-house employees. In addition, such specialists will assess the suitability of new technologies in the context of your particular business, determine their prospects, and identify potential risks of their implementation.

You do not have the resources to have a full-time employee

Hiring a full-time in-house CTO can be costly, especially if your technology needs are not consistent throughout the year. Thus, an outsourced CTO will give you access to top-level expertise without breaking your budget.

You need a specialist on a temporary basis

If your current CTO’s position is suddenly vacated, an external CTO service can provide you with an opportunity to get an interim tech manager. In this way, you will ensure the continuity of your processes and provide comprehensive control of your production operations.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the decision to hire an external CTO should be based on your specific goals and budget. If you are looking for such a specialist for your company or, at least, need CTO advice, feel free to contact us .